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Entrepreneur, Investor, & Speaker

I didn’t change overnight. It was definitely a process to get to that point.



Hey, hey, my Queens and Kings!

Yes, I said my Kings just in case a King is reading!


My name is Janay Marshawn “Redd” Mack. The world knows me as Redd Mack. I was born in Houma, LA, and raised in Franklin, LA. I am the only girl and was raised with two brothers. So yes, I’m spoiled and still spoiled to this day! Well, with my new mindset, I would no longer use the word spoiled, I’ll just call it love. I have great and wonderful parents that still nurture me and my brothers along with our children, and we are beyond grateful. I’m a mother of two amazing children and a business owner, and I’m loving every part of my journey!


Now enough of that, let’s get into REDD MACK!

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